Live chat with a little AI magic

Today’s customer expects an instant, self-serve, personalized experience. Unlike traditional help desks, Heyday leverages Conversational AI to augment sales and support teams and help retailers monetize live chat.

Help(less) Desk

  • Long wait times
  • 9-to-5 office hours
  • Impersonal forms
  • Time wasted on repetitive work
  • Website only


Heyday’s AI assistant

  • Instant responses
  • 24/7 service
  • Personalized conversations
  • Time saved for high-value interactions
  • Omnichannel concierge service

25% of brands will integrate virtual customer assistant (VCA) or chatbot technology across customer engagement channels by 2020

VIP service. At scale.

From product search to conversion to customer care, Heyday helps your agents reach hero status and treat every customer like a VIP.

Delight customers with 24-7, lightning-fast service

Eliminate long, frustrating wait times by delighting customers whenever, wherever with personalized service, delivered in less than a second.

Free up your team from repetitive work

Your team shouldn’t be wasting time answering the same questions over and over. Our AI assistant triages questions and automates responses, looping in human agents only when necessary so your team can focus on high-value interactions.

Boost sales and satisfaction

Our AI assistant never eats, never sleeps, never takes a day off and never lets a lead slip through the cracks. Unlock the power of automation and 1:1 conversations to qualify leads, acquire new customers and nurture lasting relationships.

Gather a gold mine of customer data

Data is the supreme fuel of AI. Supercharge your CRM by collecting highly personalized declared data to build 360-degree customer views packed with rich conversational insights and customer intentions.

Customer-obsessed brands love us

"Heyday helped us elevate our level of customer service while providing a personalized experience to our site visitors. It also helped us review and refine our internal strategy in order to cater to our customers’ needs better."
Marie-Hélène Ayotte

Customer Experience Manager

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