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Help retailers create more human and personalized customer experiences

It’s no secret, a retail transformation is underway. Brands must now provide speed, ease and personalization at every touchpoint to meet the rising expectations of the modern day customer.

With the ubiquity of mobile, the barriers between the physical and digital worlds have disappeared. Customers now expect instant service and value anywhere and everywhere.

Omnichannel and personalization should no longer be empty Powerpoint promises. With Conversational AI, they are becoming a reality.

At Heyday, we put the power of Conversational AI into the hands of sales and customer service teams around the world. The end goal: give them superpowers to treat every customer like a VIP.

Here’s to a more human and personalized customer experience.

Our core values

A healthy mix of humanity and hustle


Great products are made by great teams, and great teams create great companies.

At Heyday, we’re building an ambitious collective of selfless people who know the team is only as strong as the sum of its parts. No jerks allowed.


Excellence is not only measured by outcomes but by our outlook and attitude.

As a team and as individuals, we pursue excellence in everything we do, with the rigour to go the extra mile to polish that extra pixel or line of code. We only win if we hold ourselves, and each other, to the highest standards.


Everyone here has an entrepreneurial spirit. That means taking ownership and assuming accountability.

You’re fully empowered to make your own decisions and use your critical thinking to advance the company’s mission and help the team win.

Translation? We’d rather you ask for forgiveness than permission.


When things go fast, it’s easy to break things. Communication is the key in a fast-moving team.

We aim to foster a transparent environment where we promote and encourage everyone to speak their mind. The more we communicate, the more aligned we are.


Great design starts with empathy.

It’s the key to great conversations and interactions, and therefore to value creation.


It’s what separates Lyft from Uber. Two giants, two opposite cultures.

Of course we want to build a great company in terms of revenue and growth. Who doesn’t? But we first and foremost want to build a good company – one with heart, soul and integrity.

Our team can’t wait to meet you

"After working at Google, I was looking for an opportunity to do 2 things: To have a tangible impact on the future of business (for the company and for its clients) and above all else, to work with an incredible group of people. Heyday embodies all of that and more."
François Haguel
François Haguel
VP, Business Development

"The Heyday team is a perfect melting pot of backgrounds and perspectives. From AAA video games to global ad campaigns, it’s that diversity that helps us create an awesome product and company culture."
Anna Ralph
Anna Ralph
Conversation Designer

"The real power of Heyday is its incredible team. We all bring out the best in each other. We work together to create an atmosphere that helps us grow both as a business and as individuals."
Marianne Dubois
Marianne Dubois
Account Executive

Career opportunities

We can’t wait to hear more about you. If you can’t find an opening that matches what you’re looking for, don’t let it stop you. We like spontaneous applications, too.