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Gagné en Santé: Promoting Natural Health With Conversational AI
 — January 3, 2022

Founded in 1983, Gagné en Santé has been providing natural health products in bulk to customers in Québec, across Canada, and around the world for nearly 40 years. Since day one, their mission has remained the same: to help people adopt healthy lifestyles based on the consumption of natural products. Today, the company’s values and approach are still centered around this premise and they encourage their customers to pursue habits that respect what the company says is our most precious shared resource: nature itself. 


After operating strictly as a brick-and-mortar retail operation with multiple outlets for nearly 20 years, Gagné en Santé stepped into the digital realm in 2002 with its first e-commerce store. With a reputation for providing stellar service for their customers in Québec and the rest of Canada, the company grew their customer base by creating a digital footprint early on, when few retailers were doing the same. 

Fast-forward to 2020 and the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. Overnight, the company’s forward-thinking approach became invaluable to maintaining business continuity and positioning themselves for success in a challenging new environment. While Gagné en Santé had been experimenting with automation in the years before trying Heyday, other solutions had limited functionality and, in some cases, simply didn’t work. After rolling out Heyday during the pandemic, Gagné en Santé quickly realized productivity gains and eliminated service bottlenecks that had kept every customer from getting served in a timely way. Beyond the product itself, Gagné en Santé CEO Nicolas Gagné said it was Heyday’s five-star service that led him to choose the conversational AI company as a long-term partner. 

The challenge

With 40,000 potential customers visiting the Gagné en Santé e-commerce site every month, the company’s team of 25 employees was struggling to serve customers across all channels as demand grew during the pandemic. According to Gagné, one of the biggest bottlenecks his team faced was an avalanche of repetitive questions related to order shipping.

“‘Where are my orders?’ is the question people asked the most,” says Gagné. “It really bogged down my team.”

To tackle these issues, Heyday and Gagné en Santé first mapped out the objectives for the AI chat solution: 

Create an enjoyable, engaging conversational experience that allows both webstore and Facebook page visitors to connect with the company’s service team.
Help online shoppers quickly find answers to their questions with FAQ automation and product catalog integration.  
Allow customer service teams to focus on higher-value conversations, with the goal of delivering top-quality service to grow sales and improve customer satisfaction. 
The approach

Heyday got to work creating a conversational AI chatbot that would allow Gagné en Santé to automate answering FAQs 24/7, particularly questions related to order shipping. Once built, Gagné en Santé rolled out Heyday on the company webstore via chat widget as well as on Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messaging, and Google’s Business Messages.

FAQ automation

To address common inquiries from customers, Heyday automated responses for 20 of Gagné en Santé’s most common FAQs and integrated a product-search feature with Shopify. An order tracking feature was added and integrated with the company’s marketing automation software, creating an end-to-end solution to handle all operational challenges.  

Gagné en Santé also wanted to provide their online customers with service both in French and English. Heyday delivered a full French-language experience across all the company’s channels, with live chat on the webstore able to connect with customers in both languages. 

Finally, Heyday and Gagné en Santé collaborated on a marketing campaign to grow awareness about the new solution and show how it would help customers. 

The results

For Nicolas Gagné the change has been profound, both from an operational and a service perspective. “It’s easy for my team to manage everything in one system, which is great,” says the CEO. “The experience of working with Heyday is the best we’ve had with any technology company in the 40-year history of our business.”

From July 2020 to June 2021 Heyday handled over 5200 conversations with Gagné en Santé customers, delivering an automation rate of 83 percent and clearing the bottlenecks that were hampering the service team. Between July and September 2020, 86 percent of customers described their experience with the conversational AI as “excellent.” 

The most popular Heyday automation flows used by Gagné en Santé customers are product searches, order tracking, FAQs, sales and promotions, and contests, showing how repetitive inquiries are being handled quickly and efficiently by conversational AI. A quarter of customers who interacted with Heyday on the Gagné en Santé webstore sought out products, illustrating how AI chat creates fresh sales opportunities with every conversation. 

CEO Nicolas Gagné explained how Heyday has not only helped his company successfully engage customers across channels, but is also laying the foundation for  Gagné en Santé’s continued digital evolution. 

“We use Heyday across Facebook, Instagram, and Google’s Business Messages. Soon, we’d like to offer a full suite of services online,” says Gagné, noting that the company plans to offer one-on-one video chats with naturopaths and osteopaths, and to connect customers via Heyday with people offering yoga and other wellness services. Gagné said Heyday’s five-star service makes him confident he will be able to roll out those services soon. 

“Our rep is always there for us,” says Gagné. “It’s truly top-tier service.”

With Heyday conversational AI handling customer FAQs and creating new sales opportunities via chat, Nicolas and the Gagné en Santé team can now focus their energy on serving those clients who need a human helping hand—while continuing to promote healthy, natural lifestyles. 

To find out how Heyday can help your brand create five-star customer experiences and create more sales opportunities, book a demo today.

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