How MAKE UP FOR EVER built a direct-to-consumer strategy with Heyday

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“ We have received great response thus far with the program, and our completion rates from the conversation are close to 97%. Plus, the entire Heyday team has been wonderful to work with! #dreamteam ”

Lindsey Haywood
Director of Communications at MAKE UP FOR EVER
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MAKE UP FOR EVER is a cosmetics brand owned by LVMH. The brand consists of a collective of makeup artist co-creating high-performance products with passion. Established in 1984 for professionals in the entertainment business, MAKE UP FOR EVER has since accelerated its growth. It is now a popular brand with everyday consumers who can access these products at most third-party retailers like Sephora. The company has a sizeable following on popular social media platforms with 3.5 million fans on Facebook and 5.4 million followers on Instagram.

The challenge

MAKE UP FOR EVER was looking to engage and service their clients through a 1:1 program

Being a consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand that sells via popular retailers like Sephora, MAKE UP FOR EVER had little to no visibility into the customer’s journey since they don’t own the relationship or the transaction, their retailers do. In their existing setup, they wanted to establish a direct channel of communication with their consumers to fuel their acquisition strategy, while providing personalized service and gaining actionable insights.

We wanted to build a platform where we could not only engage with our clients but educate and empower them as well.
- Lindsey Haywood, Director of Communications at MAKE UP FOR EVER

MAKE UP FOR EVER wanted to transform their high social media engagement into tangible metrics—customer conversion.

The solution

Building a direct-to-consumer strategy with Heyday

In a bid to unlock a 1:1 communication channel and engage customers at a personal level, MAKE UP FOR EVER partnered with Heyday and kick-started a direct-to-consumer strategy. The first stop—augmenting their social media marketing with a chatbot that could provide personalized service.

We have so many educational tools and expertise to share about our products and could no longer only depend on our live client interactions to share this knowledge. We needed to create an online platform that could genuinely elevate our customer experience.
- Lindsey Haywood, Director of Communications at MAKE UP FOR EVER

MAKE UP FOR EVER leveraged Messenger to launch their conversational strategy and introduce MUA—a virtual makeup artist that recommends products based on your skin type and personal preferences. The virtual assistant identifies customer intent and makes personalized product recommendations that are unique to each customer. Through these custom recommendations, MAKE UP FOR EVER delivered personalized service that augmented acquisition and sales.

On Instagram, MAKE UP FOR EVER leveraged its partnership with popular influencers to help their customers find the MUA virtual assistant. As an extension of their influencer strategy, the chatbot became a new type of ad destination for customers, sparking conversations on Messenger and creating a deeper engagement with the MAKE UP FOR EVER brand.

While social media marketing is the mainstay of MAKE UP FOR EVER’s chatbot strategy, the chatbot could also connect customers with real makeup advisors on demand, creating the perfect hybrid chat experience with an elevated level of personalization.

The results

MAKE UP FOR EVER saw 20% online sales increase during launch period

The Heyday chatbot enabled MAKE UP FOR EVER to deliver instant, personalized service 24-7, and build deep connections with the community. In the process, the chatbot gathered important data to help MAKE UP FOR EVER fine-tune its marketing strategy by doubling down on the most popular products and identifying the highest traffic-generating influencers.

With the help of an automated sales funnel that had a 97% completion rate, and product recommendations at the end of every conversation/interaction, MAKE UP FOP EVER’s click-through-rates soared to 44% (vs. an industry average of 2.24% for email marketing in retail; Source: Mailchimp).

MAKE UP FOR EVER also unlocked a potential new channel to increase the customer lifetime value (LTV) via Messenger alerts sign up. 19% of MAKE UP FOR EVER users opted-in to receive updates on Messenger. In the future, MAKE UP FOR EVER is looking to optimize this new channel to recommend products that closely align with consumer preferences and expectations.

For MAKE UP FOR EVER, opening a 1:1 conversational channel with their fans was the first step to establish the foundations of a direct-to-consumer strategy paving the way for the future of their ecommerce and omnichannel strategy. By interacting and understanding their customers on a personal level, it also unlocked a trove of valuable data to improve their digital acquisition and remarketing strategies.