AI relief for support teams

COVID-19 is putting a ton of pressure on support teams who are flooded with requests. Get the support you need with an AI-powered chatbot that augments your team and reduces your workload exponentially.

Hundreds of resilient retail brands use Heyday to power their online conversations

24-7 FAQ automation

Triple your team’s bandwidth with FAQ automation

Sick of repeating the same answers over and over again? With Heyday, you can automate up to 80% of FAQs to free up your team for higher-value conversations. Plus, our chatbot works around the clock to capture leads and serve customers outside business hours.

Order Tracking Automation
73 % automation rate
38 % reduction in CS costs

Order tracking automation

Remove shipment tracking from your plate

We get it. Order tracking and delivery questions can be a pain. With Heyday, you can now let our chatbot take care of your order tracking ordeals and focus your energy on customers who truly need your attention. Say goodbye to unnecessary workload.

94 % automation rate
30 % reduction in call center phone calls volume

Smart dispatch

Triage urgent requests on autopilot

Fielding an ever-increasing number of requests can be a daunting task. With Heyday’s smart dispatch feature, you can more easily triage requests and escalate them to the right person on your team based on context, expertise and agent availability.

2m 58s - average response time per agent
79% automation rate

Reduce your load. Increase your sales. Exponentially.

Automated lead capture

Capture every site visitor’s attention with a proactive welcome message. Heyday is the helping hand you need to make sure every customer is taken care of while making sure no lead slips through the cracks.

Wait management

Use our chatbot to field requests and manage customer expectations. Our wait management feature helps support teams manage the daily flow more efficiently while keeping customers informed.

Product catalog integration

Turn customer service into a sales channel by connecting Heyday to your e-commerce product catalog. Our integration empowers your sales and support agents to dynamically create carts and convert customers directly inside the chat.

Store locator

Your customers love click-and-collect? Prepare for the post-crisis recovery with a seamless omnichannel chat strategy that turns web traffic into in-store foot traffic and sales.

Agent & Chatbot Analytics

Track your AI-augmented team’s performance and keep an eye on your automation rate, agent responsiveness, customer satisfaction rate, and more. Our enterprise service also includes customized reports and quarterly business reviews to make sure you keep stepping up your CX game.

Desktop & mobile apps

Whether your team is working from home or managing requests on the go, our desktop and mobile apps include nifty features like smart templates, quick reply recommendations and keyboard shortcuts that will boost your team’s performance.

Camille Ract
Customer service leader at DECATHLON
“We are super proud of our live chat 😍. More than half of our conversations with customers are handled by our bot. Thanks Heyday for the amazing support!”

Your first 3 months of AI magic are on us

Give your team the long-awaited relief it deserves with a nifty AI-powered chatbot that automates up to 80% of customer inquiries

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