Heyday at Shoptalk 2020. Leading the retail revolution world wide.

March 22-25, 2020
Mandalay Bay hotel, Las Vegas
March 22-25, 2020
Mandalay Bay hotel, Las Vegas

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Brad Wing
VP Partnerships
Amélie Chagnon
Head of Revenue

Why retailers love Heyday

Heyday helps e-commerce companies and merchants scale their business by automating marketing, sales and support conversations. Unlike traditional helpdesks or live chat software, Heyday leverages Conversational AI to help retailers elevate the entire customer experience and enable personalization at scale.

Omnichannel engagement

Connect with customers on their favourite channels, across social, web, and mobile messaging with an always-on chatbot, even outside business hours.

Multilingual & retail-specific NLP

Serve customers in English, French, and Spanish with an AI-chatbot that quickly understands customer intent to deliver relevant responses.

AI + Human

Go beyond live chat with an AI chatbot that acts as the first line of defence for all customer queries. The bot only escalates complex queries to your human team.

Unified customer experience

Get a 360° view of your customer in the Heyday dashboard to personalize every interaction, increase return on ad spend via targeted Messenger marketing, and optimize every customer touchpoint for maximum value.

Ecommerce platform connection

Seamlessly integrate Heyday with your ecommerce platform to enrich the conversational experience with product carousels, order tracking details and more.

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