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Conversational AI for retail

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Sales Automation

Personalized conversations maximize conversions

Capture, engage, and convert leads 24-7 with an always-on sales assistant that never sleeps. Heyday personalizes your website’s customer experience by connecting to your product catalog to deliver tailored search results and recommendations, and looping in your associates only when customers are ready to buy. Heyday creates the ultimate personal shopper experience, powered by AI.

20% online sales lift in 6 months
30% conversion rate on personalized product recommendations

Customer Service Automation

Save your agents and customers’ time

Flooded with repetitive customer service requests? Heyday’s powerful Conversational AI technology provides an instant and always-on first line of support that removes time-consuming, recurring FAQs and order tracking questions from your team’s plate. That means, they can now focus their efforts on higher-value customer conversations while our chatbot takes care of the rest.

30% reduction in phone calls and emails in the first month
88% FAQ automation rate

Team Efficiency

Monetize and optimize your customer service.

Heyday’s toolbox is filled with resources that save time and boost sales. Get access to data on what shoppers are looking at, filter conversations per department and team, and get a view on your agents’ performance. Distribute customer surveys in-chat to check the pulse on customer satisfaction to constantly improve your interactions.

94% rated the customer experience as “excellent”
Average response time: 8m 56s

Omnichannel chat

Manage all customer touchpoints in one place.

Get a comprehensive view of customer chats from every channel, conveniently under one roof. Our 30+ integrations include WhatsApp and Google Maps (Google’s Business Messages), along with popular channels like web chat, Facebook Messenger, and email. With Heyday, you can manage multiple brands, countries, departments, and channels all in one place to streamline operations, and boost efficiency and satisfaction.

30% reduction in email requests after 3 months
1000% e-commerce sales increase during the pandemic