Personalize the online shopping experience with AI-powered chat.

Heyday’s conversational commerce solution helps beauty brands create memorable shopping experiences via chat.

We’re a key part of these leading brands’ (digital) beauty regimen.

Virtual consultations

Give VIP treatment around the clock.

Give your customers the option to book a virtual consultation with one of your beauty experts. With video, you can better showcase the intricacies of your product, answer questions, and make buying from anywhere safe, enjoyable, and personalized.

Product catalogue integration

Share beauty tips and products in-chat.

Engage customers with proactive chats that recommend products directly via chat. Heyday integrates with your product catalogue to provide on-point recommendations, based off of customer intent. Plus, your team can jump in and take over the conversation at any point.

FAQ automation

Brush off FAQs from your teams' plate

Spend more time on impactful conversations, and less time responding to inquiries around store hours, order tracking, shipment and return policies. Heyday can automate up to 80% of your FAQs, freeing your overworked support teams from dealing with repetitive requests.

A few more reasons why beauty brands choose Heyday to delight their customers...

Appointment booking

Power your white-glove service offerings with an appointment booking service that allows customers to schedule a visit to your store ahead of time.


Allow customers to reach you from any channel, at any time: webchat, Facebook messenger, email, WhatsApp.

Bot-to-human handoff

Bring your all-star sales associates in the loop to help offer 1-1 guidance, answer complex product questions, and get the sale.


Help customers track their precious orders with easy, instant order tracking via chat that


Measure and track the performance of your bot and your team with our analytics dashboard that reveals key KPIs and CSAT scoring.

FAQ automation

Automate up to 80% of frequently asked questions, including store hours, shipping and return policies, gift cards and more.

Hear it from our clients…

"Bridging the gap between in-store and online is a focal point of our strategy. With Heyday: we can now turn more site visitors into retail sales."
Raphael Abescat
General Manager, MAKE UP FOR EVER

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