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Heyday is a virtual sales rep (chatbot) that captures leads 24-7 on your e-commerce site and connects them to your reps in-store.

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The best online home furnishings stores choose Heyday

“We knew the next evolution of our multi-channel customer experience needed to include online chat and Heyday’s AI platform was a perfect fit.”
Jeremy Cramer
IT Director at Orville’s Home Appliances USA

Live chat and smart dispatch

Connect store associates to digital shoppers

It's 2 PM and your store associates are twiddling their thumbs in your empty retail store while hundreds of leads are wandering on your online store without assistance? With Heyday, you can automagically capture these leads and seamlessly connect them with in-store associates that can take over the conversation in real time via our mobile app. That way, you can bridge the gap between your digital and physical stores and close more sales!

477 leads/month escalated to on-floor sales reps

Omnichannel sales and support

Assist customers anywhere, anytime

The days are long gone when customers would call or email businesses for assistance and wait around for a response. With Heyday's always-on chatbot, you can support your customers 24-7  on the platform of their choice, including your website and Facebook Messenger. The end goal: Assist them at every step of their buying journey to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

Shopify integration

Empower agents to sell directly inside the chat

Let your agents create personalized shopping carts for customers and share them directly inside the conversation to close the sale. The Heyday agent app tightly integrates with Shopify, pulling all the relevant product information in a single click.

19.5%  click-through rate on personalized product carts

FAQ automation

Automate up to 80% of FAQs

Free your customer support team from answering repetitive queries. From order tracking to shipping fees-related questions, our chatbot automates up to 80% of FAQs. You save costs, reduce the workload of your team, and enable your agents to focus on the higher-value interactions.

77%  automation rate
8 points increase in CSAT

Everything you need to delight customers

Heyday offers more than 60 conversational commerce features to help you supercharge your furniture store.

Customizable widget

Customize the live chat widget to suit your brand’s look and feel.

Rich messaging

Add product cards, GIFs, emojis, and memes to keep up with your new-age customer.

Multilingual NLP

Serve global customers with multilingual NLP that offers tailored experiences in English, French and Spanish.

Desktop & mobile apps

Serve your customers on-the-go with the Heyday iOS and Android mobile apps that connect your agents to customers in real-time.

Store locator

Help your customers find your nearest store, regular business hours, and store schedule during the holidays.

Facebook & Instagram Ads connection

Connect your Facebook, Instagram and Messenger ads to your Heyday chatbot to boost engagement and return on ad spend.

Sell around the clock

Be the savviest furniture store on the block. Augment your sales & customer support efforts with Heyday's AI chatbot today.

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