Real AI for real-time conversations.

Fuel your conversation game with our enterprise-grade AI. Built and trained on millions of retail conversations, Heyday’s conversational AI delivers rich and memorable experiences.

AI built for retail

Personalized shopping experiences await.

Our conversational AI model leverages information from your databases and our Natural Language Understanding capabilities to provide personalized responses to your customers’ questions. Plus, the chatbot detects over 1000 customer intents, trained in verticalized scenarios from beauty to sporting goods and more.

AI Product Search

AI-powered product suggestions, delivered in an instant.

Heyday’s smart(er) bot understands what your customers are looking for. The AI captures unique search attributes such as product name, colour, size, material and more to shortlist and show the most relevant products to your shoppers.

Multilingual AI

Speak the language of your customers.

Heyday’s multilingual AI chatbot immediately recognizes new languages and responds accordingly. Plus, if a shopper happens to switch languages mid-through a conversation - our bot keeps up, without a hitch. Currently available in English, French and Spanish for enterprise clients. Oui! Yes! Si!

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