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Customize your chat widget

Heyday’s live chat widget was designed with customization in mind so you can adapt it to your brand’s specific needs and style guide.


Customize your chat widget to your needs by uploading your logo, picking your brand colors, and typing your own welcome message.

Rich messaging features

From product cards to animated GIFs to emojis, Heyday supports rich messaging so you can make customers feel like they are chatting with a friend.

Proactive chat triggers (beta)

With proactive chats, you can capture leads with contextual messages based on which page they are browsing and how much time they’ve spent on it.

Multichannel connection

Let customers start the conversation on your site and then seamlessly transition to their messaging platform of choice. That way, you can nurture leads over time.

Ecommerce integrations

Connect your live chat widget to your Shopify, Magento, Lightspeed, Salesforce or Prestashop store to share products inside the chat and boost conversion.

In-chat checkout

Remove any friction in the customer journey by allowing customers to check out directly in the chat.

Automate at scale

Heyday is packed with powerful AI automation features that will help reduce the workload of your agents while providing immediate and personalized help to your customers.

Welcome message

Greet new site visitors with a proactive welcome message to offer a helping hand and capture leads automatically.

Bot templates

Speed up development time by picking one of our readymade chatbot templates. From product carrousels to store locator to FAQ, we’ve got you covered.

FAQ automation

Automate up to 80% of all customer queries with our FAQ automation chatbot. That way, your team can focus on high-value interactions that require a human touch.

Store locator and business hours

Help customers find their way to your store and keep them updated on the changes in your business hours during special holidays.

Order tracking management

Keep customers updated with their order status to avoid getting flooded with order tracking related questions and free your support team for value-added interactions.

Seamless agent handoff

Upon request or when the context requires a human touch, our virtual customer assistant escalates conversations to your team so they can take over and close the loop.

Wait time management

Our chatbot can evaluate wait time based on the workload of your team and gracefully manage your customers’ expectations so they feel like you care about their time.

Smart dispatch

Based on the context of the conversation, our AI-powered chatbot will assign the question to an  expert on your team who is best suited to answer the query.

Automated customer surveys

Track agent performance and CSAT scores with automated surveys sent to your customers after their interactions with your team.

Retail-specific NLP library

Our AI team spends their days analyzing customer FAQs to enrich our world-leading retail-specific Natural Language Processing library and make your bot smarter every day.

Multilingual AI

Turn your chatbot into a polyglot to meet the demands of your global customers and offer a culturally-relevant customer experience tailored for local markets.

Unrecognized queries (coming soon)

Soon, you’ll be able to track unrecognized queries and take action to enrich your bot’s brain and make your business more responsive to your customers’ needs.

AI training dashboard (coming soon)

Soon, you’ll be able to manually train your own chatbot by matching customer intents and specific phrases to the appropriate automated response. No coding experience or PhD degree required.

Retarget and re-engage with push notifications

Nurture customer relationships with personalized messages that deliver useful content, product alerts, limited-time offers, shipping notifications, and more.

Send to Messenger plugin

Install a checkbox plugin on your product and checkout pages to let customers opt in and continue the conversation beyond your website.

Product restock notifications

Let customers follow specific low-in-stock or depleted products and notify them via chat when the items are back in stock and available for purchase.

Special offers

Re-engage customers with limited-time or exclusive offers directly via Messenger to boost customer loyalty and maximize lifetime value.

Automated upsells

Push strategic upsells and retarget customers with personalized and relevant products based on their recent purchase history.

Cart abandonment recovery

Revive leads with a gentle nudge and recover carts to boost sales automatically.

Customer segmentation (coming soon)

Personalize your push notifications based on customers’ demographics, psychographics, purchase intents, personal interests data.

Order tracking notifications

Keep customers updated with their order status to avoid getting flooded with order tracking related questions and free your team for value-added interactions.

Message editor (coming soon)

Personalize your chat blasts by adding text, images, audio, and video. You can also select specific customer segments to target and A-B test your messages.

Message scheduler (coming soon)

Set up your own chat blasts to avoid sending messages in the middle of the night and ensure higher open and engagement rates.

Turn ads into high-converting conversations

Make every click count by transforming your social ads into highly engaging conversations that yield higher conversion rates and turn leads into loyal customers.

Click-to-Messenger campaigns

Connect your Facebook, Instagram and Messenger ads to your Heyday chatbot to boost engagement up to 500% and return on ad spend up to 875%.

A-B testing

Create multiple ad creatives that drive to unique chat flows and offerings to improve return on ad spend and understand what makes your customers tick.

Referral links

Embed referral links in newsletter buttons, display ads, influencer posts, and more to drive higher traffic to your chatbot and solidify your conversational strategy.

QR codes

Connect your chatbot to the physical world (packaging, out-of-home advertising, etc.) to create a unified omnichannel ecosystem that sparks engaging conversations about your brand.

Data collection

Enrich your database and fuel your personalization engine with declared customer data gathered through 1:1 conversations, quizzes, and surveys.

Email capture

Boost newsletter subscriptions by signing up customers directly inside the chat.

Notification alerts

Sign up customers to Messenger alerts and enjoy open rates 4-5x higher than email, helping you foster a direct channel designed for sustainable customer engagement.

Coupon generator

Drive customers to store with exclusive promo codes and coupons dynamically generated inside Messenger to turn conversations into in-store conversions.

Analytics dashboard

Track your chatbot’s performance, customer demographics and psychographics data, average conversation time, and more with our custom analytics dashboards.

Keep all your customer conversations in one place

Sales and support teams are now merging their efforts as they become part of the same customer journey continuum. Heyday is designed to be the all-in-one hub for the messaging-first, customer-centric organization.

Unified inbox

Arm your team with a simple, sleek, unified inbox where your sales and support teams, and their AI assistants, can work together seamlessly.


Heyday allows you to create multiple teams to keep all your brands under one roof. For example, Danone created separate teams to manage their Activia and OIKOS teams.

Multichannel support

Mobile-first customers can start a conversation with your brand on your website to then continue it on Facebook Messenger or via email. Heyday helps you switch seamlessly between channels and never lose the context of the interaction.

Chat transcripts

Support tickets are a thing of the past. With Heyday, every interaction is logged in an ongoing chat transcript that logs the entire history of your conversations with customers.

Agent takeover

Your agents can monitor conversations handled by your chatbot and take over at any time if they deem it necessary. You’re in full control.

Browsing path

See your site visitors’ browsing path to get a clear view of their journey and purchase intents so you can tailor your messaging and deliver a highly-personalized service.

Account linking

The Heyday widget enables your customers to log into their account to get a tailored service based on their unique context and customer history.


Agents can add notes to a specific customer profile to leave a trail to guide and streamline future customer interactions handled by another teammate.

Interests & Intents (coming soon)

Our AI assistant automatically updates each customer’s profile based on perceived interests, personal preferences and purchase intents captured throughout conversations.

CRM exports

Sync Heyday’s conversational data with your own CRM to create a virtuous circle of free-flowing customer data that seamlessly enriches every interaction and gives full visibility to your team.

Boost your team’s efficiency

Heyday’s agent app comes packed with nifty features to help increase your team’s efficiency, cohesiveness and success.

Dynamic cart creation (exclusive)

Heyday is the only e-commerce chat platform in the world that allows you to fetch products from your database to create and share carts on the fly directly inside the chat.

Popular replies

Heyday keeps a tab of popular answers used by the entire team to help unlock team efficiencies and collective intelligence in a given context.

Quick reply recommendations (beta)

Heyday’s AI engine leverages machine learning and contextual data to formulate quick reply recommendations and help agents boost their efficiency and relevancy.

Canned responses

Agents can create readymade templates both for themselves and for the rest of the team to act as shortcuts to repetitive questions (e.g. Black Friday deals).

Priority filter

Agents can mark a specific conversation as a priority to make sure it doesn’t slip through the cracks and facilitate inbox browsing.

Department dispatch

Agents can update their profile information and be assigned to specific departments so that each conversation can be routed to the right product expert on your team.

Team directory & agent profiles

Agents can browse through the entire organization and team directory to reassign conversations to the appropriate department or team member.

Inbox search

Agents can use our quick search feature to retrieve older conversations based on folders, filters, keywords and topics.

Agent role prioritization

As a team administrator, you can assign roles and grant permissions to specific team members, dispatch conversations, invite or delete team members, change settings, etc.

Mobile apps

Store associates can easily integrate Heyday in their day-to-day and answer customer questions on the fly with our iOS and Android apps.

Agent notifications

Agents can opt in to receive push notifications when conversations are assigned to them to ensure quick responses.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Get to know your customers on a personal level with Heyday’s rich stack of conversational metrics.

Bot performance

Keep an eye on your automation rate, misunderstood queries, dialog paths, funnels, and more.

Agent performance

Track your agent’s overall responsiveness and performance individually and as a team.

Customer metrics

Learn more about your audience with aggregated customer metrics that will give you a better idea of your customers’ demographics and psychographics data.

Engagement metrics

Track average conversation times, monthly sessions, retention rates, and more to see how customers engage with your brand.

Real-time metrics

Get a real-time snapshot of user activity across channels to get a better idea of workload and better allocate resources over time.

Conversion metrics (beta)

Track sales lift attributed to your chat efforts by connecting your chatbot and agent inbox to your e-commerce platform.

Campaign analytics

Give your marketing team a clear view of your chatbot campaign performance with a custom Facebook app dashboard and monthly reports.

CSAT score

Leverage data from automated customer surveys to track overall customer satisfaction and challenge your team with clear improvement objectives.

Sentiment analysis (coming soon)

Crunch conversational data to analyze customer sentiment and identify negative language.

Go deeper with enterprise services

Want something tailored to your needs? Our team of conversational UX experts and AI engineers are there to assist you every step of the way.

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