Set your ads on beast mode

Connect your social ads to Messenger chatbots and engage customers on a whole new level. Our click-to-chat ad funnels deliver unprecedented conversion rates all year long.

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The world’s leading brands engage their customers with Heyday

Facebook Ads Connection

Turn clicks into high-converting conversations

Once you get a customer’s attention, you don’t want to drop the ball. Heyday chatbots turn ad clicks into high-converting conversations by using engaging questions and rich content to smoothly drive customers down the purchase funnel and gain valuable data in the process.

500% increase
in engagement time via chatbots vs website
2 min. 21 sec.
average conversation time

Membership and newsletter signups

Acquire and nurture loyal customers

Make every click go a long way. Sign up customers to product alerts and loyalty programs directly inside the chat so you can retarget them with personalized offers over time, boost engagement rates and maximize each customer’s lifetime value.

875% return on ad spend
41% conversion rate
(ad click to new membership)

Referral links & organic traffic

Augment your influencer strategy

Expand the reach of your influencers by redirecting their fans to automated acquisition funnels inside Messenger. With Heyday, influencers can share your branded chatbot’s referral link in their bio or their Instagram story to spark engaging conversations with qualified leads.

42% organic traffic
coming from Instagram influencers
60% product clickthrough rate

Advertising just got personal.

Push notifications

Personally retarget customers inside the chat with personalized content or deal alerts and get open rates 4-5x higher than email.

Data collection quiz

Collect invaluable customer data to pinpoint their preferences and purchase intents and fine-tune your customer segmentation and retargeting strategy.

Product & content recommendations

Connect your chatbot to your product feeds and CMS to recommend relevant products and content, making each conversation feel more personal.

And more

Chatbots and social ads are like peanut butter and jelly

Discover the secret sauce of modern marketing teams who leverage Heyday chatbots to supercharge their social advertising strategy and boost sales.

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Lindsey Haywood
Communications Director at MAKE UP FOR EVER Canada
“We have received great response thus far with the program and our completion rates from the conversation are close to 90%. Plus, the entire Heyday team has been wonderful to work with! #dreamteam”

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