Give superpowers to your support team

Give your support team the support they need with an AI-powered chatbot that can automate up to 80% of customer inquiries and work seamlessly with your agents.

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FAQ Automation

Free your team from FAQ frenzy

Help customers help themselves 24/7/365 with our FAQ chatbot. Not only will it reduce the workload of your team and save costs but it will also focus your agents’ precious time on the higher-value conversations that matter.

(for Activia and OIKOS brands)
67% average automation rate
38% cost reduction (vs. call center)

Order tracking management

Help customers track their precious orders

Keep customers updated on the status of their orders with automated shipping notifications. That way, you will both reduce the stress of your customers and the workload of your team who is constantly fielding order tracking-related questions.

Average of 2 products per cart
80% automation rate

Hybrid chat solution

Unite human and artificial intelligence

Our hybrid chat solution offers you the best of both worlds—the efficiency and scalability of chatbots combined with the expertise and human touch of your team. Our seamless agent handoff feature guarantees a smooth collaboration between our AI chatbot and your agents to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

increase in CSAT in one year
customer satisfaction rate

Get AI-augmented

Instant service

If you love your customers, why keep them waiting? With Heyday’s chatbot, you can now offer immediate assistance to customers at every step of their journey.

Retail and e-commerce intents (NLP)

Feed your AI-powered chatbot with our built-in NLP module that can understand 1000+ variations of frequently asked customer questions.

Multilingual AI

Turn your chatbot into a polyglot to meet the demands of your global customers and offer a culturally-relevant customer experience adapted to local markets.

Customer surveys

Track agent performance and CSAT scores so your AI-augmented team can continually improve their efficiency and offer the best level of service of the industry.

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Damon Sloane
Vice-president of ecommerce at DAVIDsTEA
“Providing stellar customer experience is the cornerstone of our business. Heyday’s chatbot helped us achieve that by unifying our support, marketing and sales efforts.”

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