Supercharge your customer experience with AI

Heyday automates your most frequently asked questions and lets your agents handle the rest.

A helping hand every step of the journey

Assist customers before, during and after their purchase. Heyday saves your customer service agents time and effort while delivering an unparalleled, personalized, 1:1 experience.

Lead Qualification

Customer profiling

Product recommendations

Appointment booking

Customer Acquisition

In-chat checkout

Abandoned cart recovery

Drip campaigns

Satisfaction & Retention

FAQ automation

Order tracking notifications

Lead nurturing (CRM)

“The future of retail is about creating a customized experience through product personalization and specific customer considerations.”

Grégoire Brasset
Vice President and General Manager of Lacoste Canada

E-commerce just got personal

Heyday comes packed with state-of-the-art features and automation capabilities that usher in a new era of customer experience management for e-commerce and retail brands.

A nifty customer concierge

Part personal shopper, part support agent, our customer-centric Conversational AI helps scale your personalization efforts by integrating with your online store’s product feeds to create highly contextual and relevant recommendations.

AI superpowers for your agents

Once conversations are qualified and escalated to the right agent, our AI keeps on going. It crunches historical chat data to recommend timely, contextual responses for your agents, so they can handle customer queries effectively and efficiently. Our AI also continuously learns from the collaboration within your team to get smarter over time.

Powerful conversational commerce features

Our chat interface comes with powerful e-commerce integrations to help agents effortlessly recommend products from your online store, create shopping carts on the fly, and convert customers directly inside the chat. They can even share photos and videos for a more engaging and personal shopping experience.

Built-in conversational CRM

From personal interests to purchase intentions to engagement metrics, our AI captures a wealth of conversational insights to create detailed customer profiles. Sync it with your CRM to build 360° customer views and deliver a highly personalized customer experience across platforms.

Marketing automation on beast mode

Unlock the power of 1:1 marketing with deep audience segmentation, conversion funnels, and powerful marketing automation capabilities. Our message broadcast panel helps you effectively schedule drip campaigns to reach every single customer and boost their lifetime value.

And there’s a whole lot more to

Historical data imports

Enterprise-grade security

Rich messaging & multimedia support

Customer satisfaction surveys

Analytics dashboard

Consolidated team inbox

Agent role prioritization

Saved templates & quick replies

Intelligent routing

Out-of-office settings


Customer sentiment analysis

Here’s how it works

Heyday integrates with your existing systems to turn your actionable data into delightful 1:1 customer conversations.

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