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Conversational AI: Your Edge in the Age of Social Commerce

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Slide into the era of social commerce with ease, thanks to conversational AI-powered messaging on Instagram, Facebook, and more. 

Find the features that perfectly fit your next-gen CX strategy today.


Omnichannel Chat

Meet customers at your digital front door

Make messaging your CX focal point with any number of Heyday’s 30+ integrations, like Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Connect to your customers on the platforms they use every day. Conversations are the new conversions. Get more going today.

20% online sales lift in 6 months
30% conversion rate on personalized product recommendations
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Customer Service Automation

FAQs that are answered immediately

Give your customers instant answers to their questions for instant gratification (and satisfaction). When FAQs are weighing your teammates down, Heyday shoulders the load by automating responses. Instead of locating stores and past orders, each of your teammates interact with new customers, start higher-value conversations, and close more sales. 

30% reduction in phone calls and emails in the first month
88% FAQ automation rate
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Sales Automation

Turn DMs into sales opportunities

Shine the spotlight on social. Turn DMs into golden sales opportunities by adding conversational AI to your platform profiles and syncing in your product catalog. Your teammates can’t be available 24/7, but your virtual assistant is itching to lend your customers a helping hand and give them the personalized shopper experience they deserve, all in line with your brand.

94% rated the customer experience as “excellent”
Average response time: 8m 56s
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Team Efficiency

From chat to checkout

Keep all your conversations in one inbox, whether they’re on Facebook, Instagram, Webchat, WhatsApp, or Email. Streamline operations and make CSAT scores soar by optimizing and monetizing your customer service with an easy-to-use platform and actionable analytics. Stay on point, en route to hitting all your targets by empowering your teammates with a little messaging mastery.

30% reduction in email requests after 3 months
1000% e-commerce sales increase during the pandemic
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