Your executive briefing on the future of customer experience in an AI-driven world.


“The more complex the customer journey, the more you risk losing customers. Chatbots help the process stay fluid and remove friction.”

Jim Lyski
chief marketing officer

“Consumers want things faster and with greater relevance. They’re looking for an elevated level of interaction.”

Noam Paransky
senior vice president of digital

“I like using the words ‘unified commerce’ as opposed to ‘omnichannel’ ... Today’s customers want to be able to shop what they want, research what they want, buy what they want, anywhere and at any time.”

Jeff Pearson
senior vice president of e-commerce and marketing

“CRM stands for ‘consumers really matter.’ Unfortunately, most companies are spending millions on CRM and are still doing a lousy job at personalizing the customer experience with data.”

Peter Weedfald
Senior vice president of sales and marketing

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