Chat with customers inside Google Maps

Heyday leverages Google's Business Messages platform to connect last-mile shoppers to your store so you can increase foot traffic and boost sales.

Leading retailers trust Heyday with their conversational commerce strategy

24-7 messaging service

Say goodbye to expensive phone calls

Tired of getting flooded with thousands of phone calls from Google Maps and Google Search queries? Unlock the "messaging" button inside Google Maps to let customers message you whenever they want, wherever they are. Our AI assistant acts as the first line of defense for your digital and physical stores, escalating only complex and sensitive queries to your human team.

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44% rate on personalized product recommendations
Drive to store

Connect your physical store to the digital world

Create a seamless shopping experience with an AI chatbot that connects online shoppers to in-store associates, routing queries based on expertise or departments. By integrating shopping experiences between your brick-and-mortar store and digital store, you reduce friction in the customer journey.

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20% increase in online sales YoY

Lead capture

Turn organic search into sales

Capture organic leads by turning search queries into sales conversations directly connected to your physical store. Our AI chatbot recommends products from your catalogue, routing customers to your online or offline store depending on their needs. Our virtual assistant also answers queries regarding inventory, store hours, holiday schedules etc. making sure that your customers' needs are answered 24-7-365.

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60% automation rate

Everything businesses need to engage their customers

FAQ automation

Automate responses to FAQs like order status and shipping-related queries, thereby eliminating repetitive tasks and creating customer support efficiency.

Multilingual NLP

Serve global customers with multilingual NLP that offers tailored experiences in their local language of preference.

Data collection

Enrich your database and fuel your personalization engine with customer insights gathered through 1:1 conversations, quizzes, and surveys.


Share promotions like coupons, mobile flyers, and offers inside the chat to incentivize shoppers to visit your store.

Analytics dashboard

Make data-driven decisions by tracking your chatbot’s performance, customer demographics and psychographics data, average conversation time etc.

Desktop & mobile apps

Serve your customers on-the-go with the Heyday iOS and Android mobile apps that connect your agents to customers in real-time.


Riccardo Boccia
Customer Service Leader
Decathlon , UK

Unlock more sales with Google's Business Messages

Augment your store with an AI assistant that turns localized search queries into foot traffic and sales.