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When Patrick Morin experienced an increase in web traffic and customers seeking advice online, they turned to a scalable AI-powered chat solution to streamline FAQs and empower their customer service agents.

Their Story

A family-owned brand close to their customers

Founded in 1960, Patrick Morin is a third generation family-owned business with humble beginnings. What started with the acquisition of two sawmills and a small hardware store in Quebec, Canada has grown to include 21 renovation centers across the province. Today, Patrick Morin has grown in both size and ambition and is built around the promise of providing personalized customer service and fostering a strong sense of community.

Their Goal

Climb to the top of the customer service ladder

Patrick Morin doesn’t have the same financial means or human capital as its bigger competitors. In this David vs. Goliath market landscape that pits PM against Lowe’s-owned local giants, Patrick Morin’s strategy was to outcompete its bigger but slower competitors by delivering an elevated level of service focused on proximity and personalization.

Their Solution

Scale their customer service team with AI

In order to outwork the competition on quality of service, Patrick Morin’s management team knew they would need a helping hand from technology in order to personalize their customer experience.
Before Heyday’s conversational AI assistant, Patrick Morin had just two customer service agents at the headquarters to answer customer inquiries. Despite their best efforts, this shortage of resources dramatically hindered their ability to deliver fast, efficient and personalized service. They needed a solution that could scale their team, drastically reduce wait time and boost customer satisfaction. If they could win the battle of personalization, they knew they would inevitably win customers’ hearts and their loyalty, something the bigger guys have a hard time doing.
With a modest budget, they considered hiring two more people to beef up their support team but ultimately decided to invest in the long run by hiring the new kid on the block: Heyday’s AI-powered customer experience assistant.

By analyzing historical data, past customer conversations and surface patterns from these inquiries, we quickly identified the most common questions and started automating answers to free their team from repetitive work. Questions like “Where’s your nearest store?”, “What are your opening hours on Sunday?”, “Do you ship to Montreal?” or “Are you open on Thanksgiving?” were now put in the trusted hands of our AI. This allowed their team to focus on the most important, high-value interactions with customers – the ones that require a human touch.

By combining the power of Conversational AI to streamline FAQs with their dedication, knowledge, and people skills, Patrick Morin leveled the playing field with its bigger competitors in a matter of weeks. Heyday’s conversational AI technology helped the team breathe a little easier and provide a superior level of service – something they had been envisioning for so long.
This is still just the beginning of the meeting of man and machine, but the seamless interplay between AI and human agents has proven to be a scalable and winning strategy for Patrick Morin, helping the modest family-owned hardware business create a world-class, personalized customer experience adapted to the new customer expectations of immediacy and relevancy.

“Heyday helped us elevate our level of customer service while providing a personalized experience to our site visitors.”

Marie-Hélène Ayotte
Customer Experience Manager at Patrick Morin

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