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3 Reasons To Add Conversational AI to Your Shopify Store


As a small business owner using Shopify, chances are that you’ve had the same journey as many of our community here at Heyday by Hootsuite

Your business idea was sparked out of creative passion, a hunger for more outside of your corporate 9-5, and the desire to launch a business that at the end of the day, could be all yours and nothing but yours. Bye, stuffy office. Bye, small talk.

This could look like finally launching that ceramic business after honing your skills during the pandemic lockdown, or perhaps, the oversized scrunchie business that you’ve been hand sewing in between meetings. 

You have put your heart, soul, and creative juices into launching a #sidehustle that could bring you an outlet for entrepreneurial endeavors, and hopefully, one day, become your sole means of income. You’re part of the #creatorrevolution, and we’re 100% here for it.

Sales are top of mind as you grow your business

And we imagine that at this point in your Shopify journey, you’ve done the groundwork in building out your robust e-commerce site to get those website visits rolling in, and those customer purchases flourishing.

Maybe you’ve just re-launched on Instagram with new social media branding, or just implemented the best new widgets and gadgets on the back-end of your Shopify store. 

You know that as a solopreneur—or leader of a very small, agile team—that building a community across socials and launching your website with a bang-on campaign is all well and good. But at the end of the day, closing sales are of equal importance—and sales automation can help you get there.


Automation doesn’t need to be hard

After exploring your options for automating sales, you’ve most likely come across the low-hanging fruits (like dropshipping schemes that allow you to fulfill sales remotely). 

But what is often overlooked by our Shopify community is that sales automation does not need to be outsourced. It can, in fact, be achieved through one simple integration.

Enter conversational AI, your go-to Shopify chat.

Whereas tools like live chat is, in most cases, simply customer support conducted by your human cx team often only during office hours, conversational AI— like Heyday’s Sales & Support Chat by Hootsuite— provides 24/7, around-the-clock support, with a human-like chatbot developed with natural language processing. 

Aka, it’s as efficient as ever without losing the human touch. Heyday also helps to scale businesses by selling more products with every customer DM—meaning never missing a sale, again.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, though, and today, we’re excited to dive deeper into 3 key reasons to add a Shopify chat like Heyday’s Sales & Support Chat to your digital storefront this year—because building a robust e-commerce strategy and closing👏🏿 them👏🏿 sales is no easy feat.


1. Automate sales with ease

It should come as no surprise that now more than ever, consumers worldwide are spending a significant amount of time shopping online (a report in 2021 revealed that consumers now spend 7-hours a day online, which does not even take into consideration the usage shifts that occurred during the pandemic). 

And with more variety and options on the world wide web than ever before (Shopify merchants drove more than $444 billion in economic activity in 2021), consumers are researching at lightspeed rates for the best promotions, best variety, and best shipping rates before deciding to purchase products from one retailer, over the other.

Hubspot also recently shared that over 50% of consumers prefer to connect with a company through live chat rather than through any other means of contact. Your beloved Shopify customers want answers by way of Instagram, Facebook, and all their other favorite social media channels when searching for products online—and they want it now.

The best thing about Heyday is that it can help with this influx of messaging by providing automated product recommendations and answers to frequently asked questions through the FAQ feature. They can easily ask your Heyday chatbot about color and design options, but also, about storefront hours, retail locations, and more. 

This not only helps your customer to make a thoughtful, and informed purchase, but gives them that extra reassurance that your store can be relied on in the future for top-notch assistance.


Whereas automated, on-brand FAQ responses are an easy way to secure more sales with every customer conversation, the Heyday product catalog integration (which can be set up on your Shopify store in just under 10-minutes) means your entire e-commerce collection can be immediately presented to the customer upon every chat conversation. 

Think of it as your digital storefront: just as you depend on a retail associate to help you through the latest fashion trends at your local department store, the Heyday product catalog can provide the virtual assistance consumers love and desire: automated, friendly welcome messages, wait time updates, and all-things inventory-related like, for example, do you have this in size L?

Studies have also recently shown that when brands recommend products to their customers, there is an opportunity for a 30% transaction increase. Boom.🔥

We like to think of Heyday, if we may, as your store’s personal shopper. And especially when consumer attention spans are all but a mere 8-seconds, Heyday’s automation means capturing and engaging with your shoppers in real-time—so no sales are deemed lost as casualties. 


2. Treat your customers *exceptionally* well

Have you ever experienced poor customer service? Chances are, whether that’s a poor experience at a restaurant, hair salon, or with an online retailer, this memory has been seared into your brain for life—and you can bet you made an oath to never return to a said place or service destination again.

It is clear that in 2022, customer service continues to be the highest brand-building currency (a recent study by Boost Ai revealed that 59% of consumers are favorable to great customer service and believe that it impacts the brands they continue to shop with for times to come). Customer service truly can make or break your Shopify business as you scale.

And just as you would never avoid your customers in real life when they’re asking questions about your items on the retail floor (the golden rule of selling on any sales channel is to be helpful!), why leave customer communication to chance for your Shopify storefront?

Heyday’s FAQ templates (operating in either English or French) can be sent in response to customer inquiries, 24/7—which means building that relationship with your customers across time zones. It also means delivering exceptional customer service by locking in your customer’s attention (because 90% of consumers expect an immediate response by brands within 10-minutes, according to Hubspot) straight from the get-go.

If your Shopify business is not offering around-the-clock customer support, engaging with your customer base in a friendly, professional manner, and all together delivering an unrivaled online shopping experience from start to finish, you can bet your community will turn elsewhere. 

And it’s not just the product discovery that is important (49% of consumers have reported purchasing products after being promptly recommended online)—it’s the subsequent touchpoints with your brand that are just as vital. For example, with order tracking.

After all of that product research and competitor comparison, your customers have finally made the wise decision to click the place order button on your store. Following this, though, it’s all too common for online shoppers to become frustrated with the mystery of their package whereabouts.

Questions like where is my package? Has it shipped yet? Why is this in a different state? are questions we know all too well.

Consumers want to know when and where their precious packages are located at all times—and it shouldn’t be a challenge for brands to offer order tracking transparency. After all, brands with top-notch customer service are 5 times more likely to be recommended by shoppers to others by word of mouth.

Since the Heyday Shopify chatbot app integrates seamlessly with your Shopify order tracking widgets, you can send out package details in real-time to your anxious shoppers. 

The result? Delivery-date anxiety, no more (and some very satisfied customers.


3. Improve your team efficiencies (even if that’s just you)

As a Shopify business owner, one of the biggest players in your Shopify strategy as you scale should be data, data, data. 

Digging deep into your store’s data and analytics not only allows you to get to know which products are selling (and why) but also where your customers are located and exactly which platforms have driven the most traffic to your online store. 

It also allows for creating enriched, personalized relationships with customers via your marketing efforts—a key theme in consumer trends for 2022—all of which is only possible if you have the right tools set up on Shopify.

When it comes to Heyday’s Shopify chat, the accessible and measurable data collection means understanding your customers’ shopping habits. But it also means consistent access to reviewing and measuring your team efficiency and customer service efforts with the Heyday CSAT score survey. 

How the Heyday CSAT Survey works is that it can track each customer experience with a prompted satisfaction form at the end of every chat. They can let you know if they were happy with your service today, provide notes on their experience, and more. 

As a store owner, you can also monitor wait times for the bot-to-agent handoff (when a customer has requested to speak with a human team member) to see if there is any drop-off in customer communication. This then informs the way you set up, and update, your templated responses (FAQs) in the Heyday app.

With a recent Harvard study revealing that customers with a positive experience have the potential to spend 140% more than those with a negative experience, it is clear that access to appropriate data is the key to delivering a satisfying brand experience.

Bonus: let chatting with customers become the best part of your day

Just as implementing a Shopify chatbot allows for gathering insightful customer data which can help you to scale your business, tools like the Heyday Inbox allows you to be super-efficient when it comes to filtering and merging your customer messages.

Especially with the rise of TikTok and other platforms like Pinterest recently growing to 91.1-billion and 78.7-billion users respectively (and with a Facebook Holiday report revealing that 2 out of 3 people reached out directly to brands over the holiday season), it is clear that communicating effectively with your customers should be top of mind into 2022, and beyond.

Heyday inbox

Heyday streamlines instant messages and DMs into one unified Inbox for convenience on the back end—which sets you up for ultimate productivity when a customer requests to speak with a human agent. This also means keeping all customer communications in one dashboard, so that no pings are missed ever again.

Don’t take it just from us, though. In a recent study, it was proven that companies across retail saw a 20% reduction in customer service costs and customer turnover due to their chatbot integration. A win-win for your customers to receive 24/7 service, and as a Shopify business owner, to save cash. What more could you ask for?

Ready to add a Shopify chatbot app to your online store? Visit Heyday by Hootsuite on the Shopify App marketplace to start your free trial.

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