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5 Ways You Can Provide Best-in-Class Customer Service on Shopify with Heyday


We all know the mall has its charms. But even the best Booster Juice-fuelled shopping spree at Ardene’s can’t compete with the convenience and always-open accessibility of online retail experiences. 


If you’ve ever impulse-bought a beret that looks like a strawberry at 3 a.m., we probably don’t need to tell you this. But e-commerce allows customers to go on a middle-of-the-night shopping spree, with a few taps on their phone, from any store in the world. 


No wonder global e-commerce revenue is projected to hit more than $6 trillion in 2023 .🤯 


And on Shopify specifically, merchants amassed $175 billion in total in 2021—a 47% increase from the year prior, with a steady increase predicted to take place in the years to come. Now those are some juicy numbers.


In other words, it’s been a pretty lucrative time for Shopify businesses, and online retailers alike. But this golden age of e-commerce has created a customer service dilemma: If you’re open for business 24/7, are you obliged to offer assistance 24/7, too? 


Customers seem to think so. For 83% of consumers, customer experience is the most important factor (after product and price considerations) when deciding where to shop. 


Ultimately, customer service is a vital building block for creating brand loyalty. And that’s where Shopify chatbot integrations come into play. 


If you have big dreams for your business (the sky’s the limit) and are also looking for that key Shopify tool to help turn more customer conversations into sales, then a Shopify chatbot — like Heyday by Hootsuite’s  Sales & Support Chat, if we may be so bold — is a savvy investment.


Shopping Sprees Look a Little Different Today

But before we dig into what makes chatbot integrations for Shopify so helpful, let’s take a peek at just where the modern consumer is living these days— and how exactly we got there. 👀


E-commerce isn’t a new feature of the world wide web — people have been purchasing goods online since the ancient year 1994. That fateful first transaction? A Sting album, for $12.48 plus shipping. Sigh, to be young again. 


But in the past decade, e-commerce has truly popped off (yes, that’s an official economics term, thank you for asking). And in the words of Sting, melancholy is no bad thing. The change will always be evident—and it’s up to us as retailers (and small Shopify business owners!) to keep up with emerging technology.

Recently, plug-and-play e-commerce solutions have made creating an online storefront idiot-proof (hi, Shopify). Consumers have become more and more comfortable making purchases online. The speed, price, and convenience of online shopping became more and more attractive. That strawberry beret you just ordered? Guess what: it arrived yesterday. 


And then… along came COVID-19. 😷 


For many shoppers, the pandemic tipped online purchases from “sometimes treat” into “essential chore.” Between health and safety regulations, lockdowns, and personal fears, it started to seem like retail therapy was best explored online. 


Between 2020 and 2022, the number of sales made online climbed from just under 18% to 21%. 


From the Shopify store owner side, it is reported that 1.75 million merchants are now using the platform to sell goods and products worldwide, which is a user growth of 200% over the last few years. A hunger for entrepreneurship has been at an all-time high. And it was the easy-to-use integrations discovered on the Shopify App store that became a lifesaver for solopreneurs, founders, and small teams alike looking to survive the new, 24/7 retail space. 


In other words: this is not a drill, people. Brands better make sure their digital retail experience is impeccable, and that they’ve got incredible customer service to match — because the modern online shopper will expect nothing less.



Customer Expectations Are Sky-High — Sorry Not Sorry

Where business growth is happening on both sides of the capitalism coin— the consumer is placing sales online more than ever before, and Shopify stores are launching at a rapid rate globally— it is clear that we all want the world, and we want it now, and we want it delivered for free with a hassle-free return policy: is that so much to ask?


In today’s e-comm landscape, five-star customer service is now the bare minimum. If you want to retain customers and promote brand loyalty, you’ve gotta step it up. 


As traffic increases, you need to find ways to stay efficient and make the most out of every website visitor. Marketing’s no easy task: if you’ve managed to lure someone to your page, it’s vital to close that sale.  


But wowing your consumer is tough, we know. Consumer attention span is shorter than ever — current studies estimate you’ve got just eight seconds to make an impact — and no one wants to waste time browsing for info on a website. 


Gen Z and millennials in particular have high expectations for customer service: they want rapid responses when they’re shopping. So if you’re too quiet, too complicated, or too slow, they’ll head for your competitors. (We know, we know: harsh. But we’re telling you because we care.)


The bottom line? Sales are made or lost within minutes. That’s why we made Heyday – Sales & Support Chat for Shopify: a best-in-class conversational AI chatbot platform to help Shopify merchants trying to keep up with customer service demands.


Read on for five key reasons why an all-in-one automated chatbot is going to make your customers happier — and your business stronger. 💪


#1: Answer FAQs Automatically

“Automation” may sound like a word reserved for giant faceless conglomerates, but the reality is, that AI technology can be super helpful even for the most humbly small— or mid-sized— brand. Let the robots lend a helping hand, will ya?

Automatically answer FAQs around the clock.

Heyday’s 24/7 automated messaging service offers the ability to tap into the global market, all day every day. 


It’s not just a neat party trick to outsource these sorts of things to a chatbot. Automating answers to questions such as “where’s my order” is crucial to staying ahead of the curve — especially as e-commerce sales bolster significantly.


Someone from Japan wants to know if you have those overalls in a size XL? A shopper from Paraguay is curious about what’s new in-store? Load up the Shopify FAQ feature with answers to all your most common queries and let the Qs fly. Order tracking questions, welcome messages, and wait time responses? Heyday has all that covered, too.



#2: Integrate Your Product Catalog

Like we mentioned earlier (you’ve been taking notes, right?!), you’ve only got eight seconds to capture the attention of your average user. So your whole team — humans and chatbots alike — better be well versed in your product offerings and inventory.

Automatically recommend products to customers, 24/7.

That’s why Heyday integrates your Shopify product catalog upon download. Need a recommendation, an update, or the lowdown on color options? The catalog becomes a chat-a-logue once the chatbot soaks it all in… which means there’s never a moment of waiting or wondering for your potential customer. It’s like a digital storefront, delivered directly via chat to your beloved site visitor (or dare we say, the invention of digital window shopping?).


#3: Track Orders Instantly 

With automated order tracking, Heyday can also help shoppers keep tabs on their goodies. It’s simple to integrate with Shopify’s own order tracking apps so nothing falls between the cracks. 

Automate order tracking questions.

Where’s that book about eels? Has my special moisturizer for my combination, greasy-greasy skin shipped yet? With a Shopify chatbot on the case to answer customers’ anxious requests for up-to-the-minute details on their order, you as a Shopify business leader, or your team, can focus on bigger picture stuff (like that robust social marketing strategy, or perfecting office pranks).

#4: Collect Insightful Analytics 

A good conversational AI platform isn’t just swapping stories with the customers: it’s collecting valuable insights for your team in the process, too.

Directly in Heyday, you can unlock a wealth of customer and conversational data (bye, Google Analytics) with Heyday’s CSAT measuring tool, which allows Shopify merchants and customer success teams to constantly track and measure how well customer service is performing. Is it technology or is it magic? Who cares when you’re filthy rich with data. 🤩

Unlock customer purchase paths, conversational data, and CSAT.

With Heyday, you can understand your customers’ purchase path and get the pulse on your overall performance so you can keep perfecting the customer experience. Aren’t you sweet!

#5: Enjoy a Single Inbox For Customer Messages 

We’re all about that one-and-done lifestyle. (Jumpers! Casseroles!) This is why Heyday’s full suite of options has everything you need to offer five-star customer service, baked into a single app.


You’ll find all conversations are under one roof — no need to switch back and forth between your sales channels — which means alleviating that stress from constantly flipping through your apps (on desktop, or mobile). Heyday also offers a seamless agent handoff from the friendly AI, over to your human team. Specifically for the more sensitive, complicated questions, it ensures that your brand experience still has the human touch


Most importantly, all of these automatons are available out-of-the-box. In real-people speak? That means no costly setup or configurations are needed (no coding, and in an under 10-minute setup). Um, yes, please!


Heyday isn’t the only chat platform in the world, of course. You can find distinct customer-service-oriented and sales-oriented conversational AI chatbots. And these days, live chat apps are a dime a dozen -— which focus on integrating a remote human customer service team into your Shopify business to support the customer queries on your store.


But having a Shopify chatbot that can message your customers instantly (driven by natural language processing), drive more revenue for your beloved Shopify store, and consistently help an infinite number of customers simultaneously with intuitive, humanistic AI? It’s hard to beat. 


Heyday Sales & Support Chat for Shopify means closing sales while you sleep, getting back more time to spend on other entrepreneurial business endeavors (product development? Social media?) all the while, a whole dang globe of customers can access best-in-class customer service around the clock. Check, check, and checkity-check.


Ready to tap into conversational AI to grow your Shopify business (and provide exceptional customer service)? Ready to take on the post-pandemic consumer? Head over to the Shopify App marketplace to try out Heyday for free today.

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