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Three Dots

Insights, stories and advice from the Heyday chatterboxes.

Talking Chat: Expert Insights from Ellen Dunne, Senior Product Lead at Shopify

In this feature, Ellen Dunne, conversational commerce expert and Senior Product Lead at Shopify, shares her insights on the complex, ever-changing chatbot space this year, and into 2021.

Why Helping is the New Selling With Heyday Co-Founder and CMO Étienne Mérineau and Shopify’s Steve Hutt

In the latest episode of the eCommerce Fastlane Podcast, Shopify Merchant Success Manager, Steve Hutt, spoke with our co-founder and CMO, Étienne Mérineau, about the digital customer experience and why automation is here to help merchants—   not replace them.

The Future of Black Friday Cyber Monday: Trends That Will Shape BFCM 2021

BFCM will be different this year. But what will it look like in 2021? Heyday’s CEO and co-founder, Steve Desjarlais, weighs in.

Multilingual Chatbots: How to Craft Rich Online Customer Experiences with Conversational AI

Customers demand a personalized customer experience. For retailers and ecommerce merchants that support more than one language, multilingual chatbots can help them serve customers in their preferred language at scale.

Humanizing ecommerce with Conversational AI

AI has the power to help humanize ecommerce, especially in times when distancing is the norm. Here’s how great technology can lead to memorable brand-customer interactions.
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