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Three Dots

Insights, stories and advice from the Heyday chatterboxes.

6 Common Chatbot Myths Debunked

Learn about the common misconceptions about AI chatbots, so you know exactly what to expect, and what not to expect, as you begin drafting your AI strategy.

Say hello to Google’s Business Messages

Google is empowering businesses with the ability to message local customers simply and seamlessly, at a time when making connections is more important than ever.

Say hello to our new logo

Our new brand identity marks the beginning of a new day at Heyday.

How Chatbots Help Holiday Shoppers and Sellers

During BFCM , support teams struggle to service all customers but chatbots can be a game changer by delivering VIP service at scale.

7 Ultimate Chatbot Datasets for E-commerce

Not all chatbots are created equal - here’s how to make sure you get a stud and not a dud.
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