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Heyday vs. Hero – which shopping platform wins?

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Power your business with Heyday’s conversational AI. Pick a platform that resolves customer-support requests in addition to sales ones.

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Why businesses 
love Heyday

Our AI-powered conversational features empower e-commerce teams to acquire, engage and serve customers better.

Connect shoppers with products faster

Put E-commerce on autopilot with Heyday. Heyday’s chatbot serves up relevant product recommendations, successfully closing sales in the process.


One tool for both sales and customer support

Our AI chat instantly detects questions like “where’s my order?” and answers them on the spot instead of redirecting customers to your support page.


A better customer and employee experience

Heyday sends customers to the department that suits their needs, instead of to store associates handling all types of live-chat requests.


One-to-one service that actually scales

Heyday’s AI acts as your first line of customer service, freeing up agents to help high-value shoppers. The alternative? Open floodgates with high response times and without virtual assistance outside of store hours.


The world’s leading brands choose Heyday

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What they say
about Heyday

Heyday was definitely a cost saver for us, it helped us save at least 50% on customer service resources to refocus them on sales.

Philippe-Antoine Defoy
General Manager at Popeye’s Supplements

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See firsthand how Heyday compares to Hero

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