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Heyday vs Kustomer—only one choice for an all-in-one messaging platform

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Connect customers with the right products by integrating your AI chatbot with your E-commerce platform, improving sales and customer service all at once.

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Why businesses 
love Heyday

Our AI-powered conversational features empower e-commerce teams to acquire, engage and serve customers better.

Seal the deal with conversational AI

Once Heyday integrates with your E-commerce platform, customers can search for and buy products, not to mention sign up for price-drop and restock alerts. No muss, no fuss.

More automation, more high-quality service

Thanks to its extensive FAQ training, Heyday only has to escalate higher-value customer questions. So, your team dedicates more time and energy closing new sales, not tracking previous orders.

Unparalleled question-answering accuracy

Since Heyday’s AI chatbot is built specifically for retail, it’s effectively an expert on the matter. One of the many tricks up its sleeve, as a result? The uncanny ability to tackle up to 80% of even the vaguest customer questions.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s your CSAT scores!

Watch your customer service take flight after strapping into an unlimited number of seats. Why? Heyday reduces the number of agents you need – improving support quality instead of sacrificing it.

The world’s leading brands choose Heyday

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What they say
about Heyday

We’re a relatively small team, and adding automation into our mix has been crucial. Automating FAQs alleviates the strain on our team so we can focus on more high-touch, high-return projects.

Francine Sterhal
VP of Marketing at Fody Foods

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