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Heyday vs Salesforce—searching for a chatbot that’s a support and sales force?

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Discover the perfect blend of AI-powered automation for both sales and customer support, with a chatbot that integrates with your E-commerce platform.

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Why businesses 
love Heyday

Our AI-powered conversational features empower e-commerce teams to acquire, engage and serve customers better.

Reach more customers on their turf

Heyday offers 20+ integrations, so you can reach more customers on the app of their choice. While Salesforce Einstein similarly supports Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, Heyday has also got Google Business Messages and Instagram, two of the most popular apps to engage with brands among shoppers.


Shop ‘til they stop

Give your customers exactly what they’re looking for after syncing with your catalog with AI-powered product search and recommendations. They can also sign up for product alerts, directly in the chat as an added convenience factor.


All-in-one customer support

Heyday actually integrates with Salesforce as a CRM too, but goes several steps further. Heyday also integrates with your E-commerce platform. So customers can shop while talking to your AI chatbot, driving sales higher as they get the quality support they deserve.


Video’s worth 1,000+ words

Showcase your products with images and GIFs. If customers have more questions, they can video chat instead, just like with Salesforce. Unlike Salesforce though, Heyday takes virtual shopping to the next level with one-on-one appointment booking, for even more of a personalized customer experience.


The world’s leading brands choose Heyday

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What they say
about Heyday

Heyday is by far the best chat solution I’ve seen in 7 years at Shopify.

Marie-Claude Léveillé
Senior technology partner at Shopify

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